Welcome to Mr. Mozart

Welcome to Mr., the Internet home of Dr. Paul Gordon and Samson Publishing. Dr. Gordon is a retired dentist and U.S. Naval Officer now pursuing his passion for the arts. This site enables the public to see his artwork, literature, and ideas.

Painter.   Dr. Gordon studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and has exhibited his works at fine restaurants, museums, community centers, and universities. Dr. Gordon's artwork is featured prominently on this site in the form of paintings, graphic calendars, and book cover art.

Author.  Dr. Gordon's writing career began in 1990 after a correspondence with the Nobel Prize winning author, Isaac B. Singer. Dr. Gordon dedicated his short story collection, "Van Gogh's Last Painting and Other Short Stories from the Edge", to Mr. Singer and has painted Mr. Singer's portrait as well. Both the short story collection and Dr. Gordon's first novel, "Concrete Solution", are in their second printing. ("Concrete Solution" was penned in 2001 and deals with homegrown terrorism).

Speaker.  Dr. Gordon has given numerous talks on radio, been interviewed in many newspapers, and has received many favorable reviews, among them, Barry Farber (WOR Radio NY), Jake LaMotta (ex-middleweight champion of the world), Lee Wixman (National Library Association), and John Pelligreno (ret. NYPD). Dr. Gordon has been a prominent guest speaker at numerous community centers and universities.

Musician.  Music has been a life-long passion of Dr. Gordon. In the early 1960's, while on duty as naval dentist officer stationed at Parris Island, SC, he was a violinist with the Savannah Symphony Orchestra (1961-62 season).

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